New Blog Site, New Blog Title, Same Torrey.

I have decided to switch blogs for a few simple reasons.

a) All the cool kids are on wordpress these days.

b) I thought I had more reasons….but that’s really the only one.

So…behind the name.  A ton of thought went into this thing.  You see one day on facebook I decided to make a status update saying, “I.  Don’t.  Care.”  But instead I accidentally typed that I didn’t cater.  And so a name was born.

Blows your mind away, I’m sure.

My blog really has no overall theme other than I basically write about all the unfortunate things that happen to me everyday and whatever’s on my mind at the time.  This ain’t no blog about politics, about sports, about love, about money, or about any of that other stuff that people seem to care about these days.  It’s all about MEH and MI adventures.  “I’m not part of your system.”   I beat to the sound of my own drum.  Simply put…..

I.  Don’t.  Cater.


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