People at the Gym – Episode I

I often see or have things happen to me throughout the day that really upset me.  This is especially true when I’m on the road or at the gym.  I tend to share these stories so people can feel my pain.

Welcome to my pain….gym style.  Episode I commence….

You know what disappoints me in an enraging kind of way?  When I’m doing an intense exercise at the gym and people feel as if it’s perfectly OK to walk RIGHT next to me in order to get by.  What’s up with that?!  Either these are the types of people who don’t pay attention in life and get into car accidents on a daily basis, or it’s just a really subtle way of being extremely passive aggressive.  Happened to me like 4 times tonight.  Now granted, one of them was a girl who was pretty hot, but holy crap.  Her face was like less than an inch away from my face.  In hindsight I  guess that’s OK…but everyone else….GOSH!  A few years ago a woman actually got smacked by me because she walked too close.  It was my fault, of course.  Heaven forbit I don’t sense where inconsiderate people are walking as I’m swinging around 50+ pounds of weight…..I should be able to multi task better.


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