My Life – A Super Special Diary Entry #1

Today I woke up at 8:00am and was pretty tired.  I made an entire box of gluten free mac and cheese along with some extra lean turkey (and another name for that could be, “I can’t even swallow this dry turkey” turkey).  So I ate the entire box of mac and cheese and the turkey and then accidentally fell back asleep until 12:30pm.

When making my class schedule at the beginning of the semester, I originally thought that by having my first class of the day start at 2 o’clock, I would’ve countered the entire “I’m late for class because I overslept!” thing.  But apparently the rules of logic go beyond a person like me.

Then on my way to school I drove by a car that was on fire and feared for my life.



1 thought on “My Life – A Super Special Diary Entry #1

  1. you forgot the part where you were a bully and pushed a girl into a locker and then accused her of stalking you a little later on.

    a) that’s the first time i’ve EVER been bullied in my life. normally i push people into lockers. not the other way around.
    b) i wasn’t stalking you. i was failing at avoiding you actually. i’ve never seen you in naz so i thought it was a safe place to camp out for awhile. i was wrong. really really unfortunately wrong.

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