DD (5/23/11)… “Those Aren’t the Drugs You’re Looking For….”

If you’re wondering what that quote is from, think Star Wars….with “Droids” instead of “Drugs”.  Mmmk?  Yeah?  Good.  Now that I’ve unnecessarily explained myself….

For the past week, I’ve been having some issues with my raggety old bones (you know….the typical aches and pains you get by the time you reach 24….).  So I started taking the generic form of Aleve, which at Target is known as the Up & Up brand.  Now here’s the thing with Up & Up bottles….there’s very little variety in design.  You could literally buy little capsules of mercury and not know the difference between that and a pill of multi vitamins.

One makes Mr. Headache go away....one makes Mr. Internal Bleeding pay a visit. Guessing's fun.

You know what, I was going to figure out a cute way of tip toeing around what I actually ended up taking….but screw it.  Anti diarrhea.  I overdosed on freaking anti diarhrea pills.  Seven a day….for a week.  You want to know what that feels like?  Here’s the cheaper way to find out:  Go outside.  Find some bark.  Eat enough bark to get you 100 grams worth of fiber.  Wait for fun time.


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