DD (5/31/11)… 25 Years Old: The Peak of Youth

On May 26th at 1:35…I turned 25 years old.  You know what the good thing about turning 25 is?  Nothing.  Absolutely nothing.

Typically, with an additional year tapped on to your life, you get added benefits….perks….handouts.  But after the age of 25, there’s only ONE more perk…and it comes 30 years later.  That’s a pretty freaking long gap, and it’s for this reason that turning 25 is legitimately terrible.

Here are some of the major benefits one gets as they move up in life:

* Age 1: Walk

* Age 13: You realize for the first time that there are actually two different genders.

* Age 15: Permit

*  Age 16: License

* Age 18: Officially become an adult, can see R rated movies by yourself, can get drafted into war, but still can’t drink (America: Making sense since 1848).

* Age 21: Can Drink

* Age 25: Brain becomes fully developed.  That’s it.  You’re officially a legit, mentally maxed out person now.  If life were a video game, and you had developmental points to add to your character, this is the point in time where you run out.  You have zero points left.  You used them all on fighting skills.

All that’s left after this is the 55+ menu at Perkins (or the Waffle House for you fine southern folk).


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