Filmkritik: Bridesmaids

Disclaimer: “Filmkritik” is German for, “movie review.”

I went into this movie not knowing quite what to expect.  On one hand, I had people telling me it was one of the funniest movies they had ever seen.  These same people, however, also said most of the “funnies” happened earlier on in the film and that many parts went on too long.  So with that in mind, I knew I was going to be seeing something good.  I just didn’t know exactly HOW good…

After the viewing, I can definitely say I agree that it’s one of the funniest movies I’ve ever seen.  Typically anytime I’m laughing my head off, covering my face in embarrassment saying “no no no….” to myself (example: tattoo scene), or missing lines because I’m still too busy laughing about something said 15 seconds ago…that to me always makes a movie well worth the price of admission.   I should probably mention though that my friend’s laughter is contagious, which definitely makes any movie I watch with him better.  Like, for example, if a movie rates 5/10 on the “funny” scale, viewing it with him automatically brings it to a solid 7.75/10.  Impressive.  Too bad he’s the worst person of all time….


Anyway, I don’t want to be an apologist for some of the crude rumor in the movie (ok….A LOT of it), but it honestly wasn’t as raunchy and grotesque as I was assuming it was going to be.  I’ve seen far worse; movies that make me immediately want to take a shower afterwards from feeling too gross (like after being in a room full of chain smokers).  I didn’t get that with this one though; but make no mistake, this movie is rated R for a reason.

My only real complaint was the “romantic” relationship between the main character and the Minnesotan cop (who apparently wasn’t Minnesotan, but Irish….herrm…).

Personally I don't see the difference...


I just didn’t buy into that relationship at all.  He seemed like an immature little kid.  And the main character didn’t really grow at the end.  She just kind of got…..lucky.  It’s like watching Prison Break all over again.  Please don’t get me started…not here…not now….

Stole the innocence of my youth; sanity.

So there’s my review.  Boom.

Oh yeah, and you’ll never watch Gilmore Girls the same again after watching this.  Assuming everyone here watches Gilmore Girls.  I mean, who doesn’t watch Gilmore Girls?  I originally typed that as, “Grillmore Girls” by mistake…which admittedly sounds 10 times cooler if you ask me.  Cute girls grill’n?  Daaaaang.  Yes, please.  I’d buy that season on DVD.  Nay….Blu-ray.

7.5/10 Sprinkles


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