Dear Diary… Independence Day, 2011! Red, White, Blue, and….Green?

There’s my clever little title…hinting towards the fact that I saw Green Lantern on this fabulous holiday.

Tis a day of celebration and freedom. Some people enjoy fireworks the most on July 4th. Some love the time spent with family the most. Me though? I enjoy the annual party at my friend’s mansion…and a solid movie at some point is the cherry on top. This year, though, I actually also enjoyed watching fireworks on top of those two things. What? I actually watched fireworks? Yep. It marked the first time I actually watched July 4th fireworks in about over 4 years. I kid you not. I call this the, “I grew up on Disney World” effect. Meaning you better blow my freaking socks off to impress me when it comes to fireworks.

But hold on here…technically I still didn’t see fireworks on July 4th. You see, me and my friends celebrated July 4th on July 3rd this year instead. Part because we’re trendsetters. Part because people have to wake up early the day after July 4th for work this year since it fell on a Monday.

So what did I actually do today, the REAL July 4th? Bullet point time!

* Drank energy drinks and diet sodas…all….day…

* Ate whey and protein bars…all…day.

Suffice it to say, the first part of my day was pretty terrible. I was running on about 4.5 hours of sleep and living off of caffeine and protein grease sticks all day long. What were you expecting me to say? I actually felt like that crazy Twinkie guy who lived on nothing but Twinkies and eventually went crazy and killed people….but minus the killing part on my end…

Then I had a surge of “awesomeness.” A surge of awesomeness is any moment where you feel inspired and ready to take on the world for no apparent, reasonable, or explainable reason. With my new gusto on life, I decided to tackle a movie I had put off seeing for long enough…Green Lantern! I’ll spare you the deets, as I’ll be writing a review for the film at some point tomorrow….but I’ll share a couple of things here:

* Not as bad as the critics want you to believe. Wasn’t even bad.

* I was the only one in the theater. And it’s ironic considering I left my house ’cause I wanted to be around people…not isolated!

* That said, I was able to freely put my legs up and cover my ears when I knew a loud, sudden sound was going to happen. Yes…I’m one of those people. 25 year old here, everyone. Thank you….thank you….I do my best to represent young adults everywhere….

After my magical fun at the movie theater…I went off to LifeTime Fitness while fireworks were going off. The only people in the gym were me, the workers, 3 different groups of Asian folk, Mr. T, Mr. “I’m cool and I’m going to wear a white jersey with white shorts and white shoes,” and random teen girl. After about 4 minutes of shooting hoops, I felt the urge to pass out. I don’t know if the caffeine/dehydration finally caught up to me or what, but I was FREAKING OUT. This is as close to drunk without actually drinking as someone can get. So I stuttered out to the parking lot talking to myself and headed home……for……salad and protein bars.

So the point of all of those stories? None. No thesis or anything of any kind. Just happy July 4th! That is all.


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