Driver’s Manifesto: Unofficial Rules of the Road (#1)

Welcome to The Driver’s Manifesto: Unofficial Rules of the Road. Driving is a large part of all of our lives, but some people just don’t know how to handle the pressure of driving around in a large motorized vehicle…or how to avoid being crushed by one. The purpose of this segment is to go down the large dirty laundry list of things that need fix’n on the road…in or out of the car!

Whenever I’m driving, namely in a parking lot of some kind, it absolutely fascinates me when people, whether they’re in their car or are walking pedestrians, just stand/sit there and just stare at you when they’re in your way.


Prime example…

I was pulling into my apartment’s parking lot the other day. The entrance is wide enough for two cars to be able to pass by each other at the same time, but it’s still a tight squeeze. Well while an old man was waiting for someone in his car, he was nearly blocking the entrance. Not fully…but enough so to where he was almost basically parked in the middle. When I pulled up to enter, instead of being nice and pulling over to the right a little more so I could nudge on by, he had the galldacity to just stare at me trying to squeeze around his vehicle, like I’m his entertainment for the evening or something. The kicker is that when someone is starting at me attempting to maneuver around THEIR douchebagginess, 9 times out of 10 they’ll have that, “dumfounded, pissed off zombie” look on their face. Mouth open, look completely incompetent, void of making any rational decisions on their own, slightly concerned as if I’m doing something wrong or atrocious….it’s just ridiculous.

Another example:

You’re driving down a row in a parking long and pedestrians are walking to their cars or to the store…and 8 times out of 10, they’ll never walk to the far left or right of the parking lot….they’ll always walk right dab in the freaking middle. Either that are they will take the longest amount of time possible to get out of your way by walking in what I call the “slanting line of the inconsiderate POC.”

I don’t know if I get more pissed when people know full well what they’re doing and just don’t care, or when they don’t even realize I’m waiting for them because they’re completely oblivious to their surroundings. Both scenarios deserve a big ol’ *face palm*.

So with all of that said, I officially kick off my new series with #1 in the manifesto….

* If you’re in the way of someone who’s in their car and can easily get out of the way….MOVE. And ESPECIALLY don’t just STARE!


3 thoughts on “Driver’s Manifesto: Unofficial Rules of the Road (#1)

  1. While I agree with you….that seems to be more of a rule of walking as opposed to driving. That is all….

      • Maybe it should be the Driver/Pedestrian Manifesto…but that doesn’t sound as cool…and I would have to type more words every time I say the name. That additional word adds a minute to my typing time.

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