This is Probably a Dumb Idea…

I’ve been throwing around an idea for a new blog….called…..A Donut a Day.

“The heck are you thinking, Bill!?”

Trust me, I asked myself that same question…

Here’s a fact though, I love junk food. I don’t allow myself to eat junk food though, so I live vicariously through obsessing over unhealthy food. It’s an unhealthy solution to a healthy compromise.

So let’s talk about this new blog idea…

The Blog:

So with this site…it is what it is. A donut a day. I design a new type of unique/delicious/icky donut each and every day, including ingredients and nutrition facts, and then post it on the main page. Nothing else. Maybe an explanation in addition, but nothing more. This site would be all about the design and stupidity of it all.


What do I hope to accomplish with this? Fame and fortune, of course. I want to dominate the donut market. Watch out, Dunkin Donuts, Krispy Kreme, and local bakeries everywhere. Plus I’ve been trying to think of a unique idea for years that would draw traffic in (and thus ad opportunities…and thus $$$). Sometimes the dumbest things accomplish this. So I’m trying to capitalize on this concept of getting popular by doing completely stupid things. Dad would be proud.

The Dilemma:

So here’s my dilemma at the moment….do I illustrate the donuts as real photos, or illustrate them digitally (IE “vector art”).

Real Photos:

On one hand, it might look somewhat like a cool sort of collage/scrapbook type thing by splicing together different photos/ingredients to go on top of the donut. The kicker though? I’d need high resolution images. Meaning I’d either have to take the photos of ingredients myself (more work), or pay a ridiculous price for a stock image (dumb). So there are pluses and negatives to this approach. Visually it would look the best, I assume.


On the other hand, vector just doesn’t look….as “cool.” Yeah. If I were a master digital illustrator, this would be no problem. But for guys like me, this is the extent of our illustrative capabilities:

Ummm….neat? Let’s just avoid the fact I didn’t even add the donut hole to this. Why? Because drawing anything that isn’t flat blows my freaking little mind away, that’s why. 


Or I could just do a combo of the two, which would have every single one of the negative effects of real photos or vector illustrations…and none of the positives. Tough choice.

So…it’s up to you know to help me decide! Here are your poll options:


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