Film Thoughts – “The Social Network”

Just finished up, “The Social Network.”  Hard to enjoy a movie with no good guy to root for, but hey…somehow it happened.  Here are my basic thoughts….

Edit – This is actually from months and months ago…just never posted. You know…just dipping into the past. You’re welcome…


Mark Zuckerberg: Does this kind of human even exist?

Twins: Claim they invented social networking?  I’m confused….’cause MySpace already existed. That would be like the creator of Aquafina suing God for stealing the idea of water…

Eduardo: Talk about a crappy business partner.  What exactly did he do other than spot Mark the money at the beginning of the movie?  Almost messed up their company by freezing the accounts and then didn’t even have lawyers look over the contract that basically screwed him out of everything (all because he thought that HE was a good enough lawyer…). Everything worked out for him though. He’s Spider-Man now. It’s all good.

Jimmy: I forgot Napster guy’s name, so let’s just call him Jimmy. I suppose calling him Justin Timberlake would suffice just as much.

Crazy chick: She’s a Disney actress. That marks the 54th Disney actress that has gone on to do immoral things on or off stage. I don’t know what they feed child stars these days down in the land of Mouse, but it ain’t sprinkles and ecstasy no more.


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