La Liste des 8s: My Top Fantasy Football Rankings for the 2011 Season

“La Liste des 8s” is French for, “The List of 8s.” This is when I post a list of 8 things….hence the name….

The best RB in the NFL is also the safest RB option in fantasy football.

Now that Tennessee has a competent passing game again, there should be more room for CJ to do his thing than there was last season.

Can he follow up his strong 2010 performance? History says RBs who usually come out of no where to take the league by storm have trouble following it up the next season.

May have surpassed Chris Johnson as the most dangerous home run threat in the NFL. But like Arian Foster, he needs to prove he wasn't just a one year wonder.

If he can stay healthy, there's no doubt he's the best overall fantasy football player in the NFL. That's the thing though...he has never proven he can stay healthy.

Rice's main problem each year has been sharing the workload with other RBs. Despite that, he's been one of the best fantasy RBs the past two seasons...and now his main competition at RB (McGahee) has left town.

AP may be the safest fantasy football option at RB...but Rodgers is arguably the safest option at ANY position and continues to rank near the top in fantasy points each year. Will not disappoint his owners.

Isn't a traditional workhorse RB, but he gets so many touches and yards due to his pass catching ability and quickness.

You can also check out the rankings on my Pinterest board:


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