Superman: Man of Steel…what could’ve been…

As someone who wasn’t completely satisfied with the casting choice of Henry Cavill as Clark Kent in the upcoming “Superman: Man of Steel” film, I decided to take some other actors who were in strong consideration for the role and insert their identities into the first “official” photo we were given of the film:

* Click on the image to enlarge it. Once you do that, click on it AGAIN to make it even larger.

* Tom Welling looks the best as Superman here in my opinion. One might wonder why he didn’t get the role in the first place, but that same person probably doesn’t realize the range on his acting is the real life equivalent to Eeyore.

* Matt Bomer portrays a vault stealing trickster in USA Network’s hit series, “White Collar.” Which, btw, is a completely awesome show. Ridiculously skinny though. Giving him CGI muscles throughout the entire duration of the film would’ve run the budget dry. Fact.

* Jon Hamm would’ve been an even more ridiculous casting choice, though. In which case, the title of the film most certainly would’ve been changed to, “Superman of a Certain Age” staring Ray Ramono in a supporting role as General Zod.

* All it takes is one Taco Bell commercial…just ONE…to ruin someone’s career. Sorry, Joe Manganiello…


11 thoughts on “Superman: Man of Steel…what could’ve been…

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  3. I’ve watched everything Cavill has done and have to say Tom Welling is the better actor. I’m still a fan of Henry’s though.

  4. Thanks for the correction. Apparently I was still thinking of Welling when I wrote Tom.

    As far as Cavill’s acting skills, the only thing I have seen him in before was The Count of Monte Cristo…and I don’t even remember his performance in that. So I can’t judge his acting skills compared to these other guys quite yet.

  5. Tom Welling blows these other guys away…including Henry!!! He looks and acts like Superman!

    Some of you may or may not be TW haters…I don’t know, but I’m going to start making comments wherever it is warranted and all over the internet, if necessary, concerning ANY negativity towards TW or Smallville. (I invested 10 years in Smallville, so I’m a little prejudiced.)

    I agree that in the beginning TW’s acting was a little lack luster. He was young and a newbie, BUT he grew into his role which, by the way, worked because Superman had to grow into his role as well.

    I’m glad I took the 10 year ride. I got to see TW become the type of actor that could convey a conversation or emotion with only a “look”…a facial expression. That is really hard to do. He could show pain from kryptonite and even make you feel it yourself like no other actor has been able to portray. His show of anger or sorrow was spot on. He has a smile that is electric (megawatt) and made you want to smile back (it was infectious) and made you want more…and his ogling of Lois Lane was like no other. He made all the women wish they could have someone, at least once in their lifetime, look at them that way. And his voice could go from soft and loving to very commanding. Some examples of his acting skills: Kal-El on red-k, Clark Kent/Bizarro and Clark Kent/Clark Luthor (Ultraman) and when it comes to the bumbling, TW can bumble with the best of ‘em. He made you feel that there could actually be another person playing the alter ego part that looked exactly like him. It was crazy good. But, beyond all that he could make you feel the goodness of Clark Kent/Superman. And as Clark he was correct. It is not the suit that makes the man or in this case, Superman…it was his time in Smallville. Clark Kent is Superman even without the suit and this is what Smallville showed very well.

    AND…let’s face it…TW has a beautiful face. A face that is befitting of Superman (chiseled jaw, gorgeous eyes, pouty lips, etc.). After all, in Superman’s early origin stories it was noted that he came from a race of people who were physically attractive. And in saying that, I would like to note that I am NOT a teenie bopper. =) I have been a superman fan for 39 years (comics, movies, novels, fan fics, cartoons, LnC, Smallville, kryptonsite, articles, clothing, key chains, etc.) so I am not “in love” with TW (I guess I’m in love with Superman…Lol), however, I do think he is extremely attractive. It’s just that I; personally, think TW is the embodiment (looks, personality and all) of what I always envisioned Superman to be like when he was younger. Oh and by the way, dreaminess/sexiness/and being a great kisser IS some of Superman’s little known powers. *wink, wink*

    Also, I respect the hard work and dedication that TW put into Smallville (for 10 years of his life) and I felt that he was always striving to be better with each performance and that showed in his growth as an actor (by the way I also think this about the other actors on Smallville — they always brought their A-game). I also think he did have his fans in mind when trying to bring his best to our TV screen.

    He had to be doing something right to keep the interest of an audience for 10 years and still have people wanting more. If he was that horrible the show would not have lasted. He was the lead character. I don’t care how good looking you are, if your acting sucks people will be turned off and will turn off the tube.

    On another note, I’ve heard people say that TW didn’t want to wear the suit and that he didn’t really want to be Superman. I say, “HOGWASH”! He NEVER said that. I have watched actual interviews where he said he would be willing. Just recently he said he would be up for doing a Smallville Movie. I heard that from his own mouth. Wouldn’t that entail him wearing the suit and being Superman? He could not help what TPTB (the powers that be) wanted. He did the best with what he was given!

    Also, if there was a chance he was the one that wanted CGI (I don’t think it was) instead of wearing the suit, I couldn’t blame him. This was a show about Clark Kent, not Superman. We all knew that Superman would not make an appearance until the last episode (if you didn’t realize that then…duh!!). Even though TW is very tall and a very big guy he would have had to do some serious working out for months to include diet to beef up and get cut. Who the heck would want to go through all that for one episode? With the dedication I saw from him to Smallville I have no doubt he would have done whatever he had to especially if he knew he would be portraying Superman on a weekly basis, but he wasn’t.

    Now, concerning Smallville writers, directors, producers, WB, CW, etc. (TPTB) — The writers did, at times, come up with episodes and even seasons that made me groan, but there were some episodes and seasons that were awesome and spot on (a writer’s strike was also involved in there, which shows we shouldn’t take writers for granted either). Also, TPTB’s love affair with the character Lana Lang “almost” lost me as a viewer. BUT, I’m glad I stuck with it because Lois & Clark was worth the wait.

    This show gave us very great looking episodes. It was like watching mini-movies. You don’t get that with normal TV shows. They really did a lot with the budget they had. Just because they couldn’t do the big budget fight scenes the show got blasted over and over again. I however, was very pleasantly surprised at the level of CGI and other special effects they gave us with it being just a TV show. Just think what we could have gotten on a bigger budget. And by the way TPTB originally said, “no flights, no tights”, but they gave us so much more. They had no idea that this show would run 10 seasons so they had to stretch things out. If they had made him Superman in season 4 or 5 the show would have ended then and I, for one, would not have wanted to miss episodes like Homecoming or special moments like Clark telling Lois his secret. Yes, it was a long time to wait, and sometimes it was downright painful, but in the end I got what I wanted…to see Clark come to end of his Smallville journey. It was never supposed to be anything beyond that.

    They also gave us something the comics have never even touched like Smallville did….like the human emotions of a teenage Superman — his struggles with relationships, wanting to be normal (like playing football, etc. like everyone else), wanting to have friends, wanting to be accepted, wanting to be loved. Not knowing where he came from, why he had powers, why there was no one else like him. Having this huge responsibility weighing on his shoulders (to protect human life) that was only going to get bigger as his role in society got bigger. Having to keep this BIG secret from everyone…even those he was close to because of the fear of putting those people in danger. But, there was also a fear of rejection, fear of being turned into a lab rat, fear of enemies finding out his vulnerabilities. And he had hopes and dreams like wanting a permanent relationship and maybe a family and not knowing if any of that would ever be possible.

    Sure TBTB went off the deep end sometimes with the mythology, but on numerous occasions they added to it in wonderful ways and in the end they did start steering the show *makes deep steering motions* back toward the mythology we all are more familiar with. But, if you know anything at all about Superman only a few things have remained the same. There have been so many different storylines about Superman it can make your head spin. Why, since 1938, there have been quite a few comic books about the origin of Superman that varied greatly in the details of his origin. I’m not going into them all, but there were things like Lara-El’s name started out being spelled Lora-El and Kal-El’s parents wore green and yellow costumes that sometimes had capes and they lived in futuristic cities (not ice fortresses), the Kent’s didn’t find him, the Kent’s didn’t live in Smallville, but moved there after finding him, and the Kent’s were farmers, but when they found Clark they sold the farm and bought a general store. Soooo, apparently not everything is written in stone, but some things about Superman are and should be.

    Another thing — there were so many restrictions we weren’t even aware of and some we were…like not being able to use Batman, Wonder Woman, the name Flash, etc. that hindered the show and caused TPTB to come up with some crazy plots to make up for it. However, I never quite understood why some people had problems with vampires, witches, or zombies when this is a show about a guy that can shoot fire out of his eyes and fly. Like that’s normal. Lol!

    Last, but not least, I’ve heard people bash season 10 because it seemed to be all over the place…and I agree, it was. TPTB were so focused on giving us everything, including the kitchen sink, it caused the season to lack focus. I know they were hoping to get MR back and didn’t know until later on in the year if they would get him for sure so some stories hinged on that and in trying to give us everything the season didn’t seem to have a theme like some of the other ones. BUT, they tried to do us justice by giving us so much. I still don’t think TPTB get it though. They don’t get how picky we are about Superman and his story. All in all though I enjoyed the end result and if you can look at each episode as a stand-alone it really wasn’t that bad. =)

    In the Smallville universe there were a few busts, okay more than a few, but there were also some gold nuggets…like Booster Gold nuggets. Lol. You should expect some bad eggs out of 218 episodes, BUT, you can’t explain 10 years away and bash TW who did great with what he was given and there are people like me who are so enthralled with this character, Superman, that we are willing to do battle beside him and support him no matter what TPTB do to him. We know in the end who he is and what he stands for….truth, justice, and the American way! =)

    P.S. No need for a rebuttal. I’m over 40 so I’m pretty set in my ways. =)

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