DD (7/28/11): German Jelly Donuts, Gas Station Fun, and Star Gazing Mosquito Party

I had a pretty boring first half of my day. I woke up, ate food, and fell asleep for hours…yet again…so that’s not new. I’m at the point where I need to just stop talking about it since it’s a given for me at this point. It’s like me finding it important to mention performing a typical daily routine like brushing my teeth, eating food, or putting on clothes after I receive complaints from neighbors…

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Dear Diary… Independence Day, 2011! Red, White, Blue, and….Green?

There’s my clever little title…hinting towards the fact that I saw Green Lantern on this fabulous holiday.

Tis a day of celebration and freedom. Some people enjoy fireworks the most on July 4th. Some love the time spent with family the most. Me though? I enjoy the annual party at my friend’s mansion…and a solid movie at some point is the cherry on top. This year, though, I actually also enjoyed watching fireworks on top of those two things. What? I actually watched fireworks? Yep. It marked the first time I actually watched July 4th fireworks in about over 4 years. I kid you not. I call this the, “I grew up on Disney World” effect. Meaning you better blow my freaking socks off to impress me when it comes to fireworks.

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Dear Diary… My Fun Morning as a Policeman…

My day began like any other….a fun filled trip the the gas station to get my daily energy drink before heading to work out.  As I was leaving my neighborhood in my uber awesome Hyundai Tucson, I approached a stop light with a taxi in front of me. I was immediately pissed, as I tend to be when I want to go right on red but the person in front of me is going straight….so I’m already in a bad mood.  But then the fun began…

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DD (5/31/11)… 25 Years Old: The Peak of Youth

On May 26th at 1:35…I turned 25 years old.  You know what the good thing about turning 25 is?  Nothing.  Absolutely nothing.

Typically, with an additional year tapped on to your life, you get added benefits….perks….handouts.  But after the age of 25, there’s only ONE more perk…and it comes 30 years later.  That’s a pretty freaking long gap, and it’s for this reason that turning 25 is legitimately terrible.

Here are some of the major benefits one gets as they move up in life:

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DD (5/23/11)… “Those Aren’t the Drugs You’re Looking For….”

If you’re wondering what that quote is from, think Star Wars….with “Droids” instead of “Drugs”.  Mmmk?  Yeah?  Good.  Now that I’ve unnecessarily explained myself….

For the past week, I’ve been having some issues with my raggety old bones (you know….the typical aches and pains you get by the time you reach 24….).  So I started taking the generic form of Aleve, which at Target is known as the Up & Up brand.  Now here’s the thing with Up & Up bottles….there’s very little variety in design.  You could literally buy little capsules of mercury and not know the difference between that and a pill of multi vitamins.

One makes Mr. Headache go away....one makes Mr. Internal Bleeding pay a visit. Guessing's fun.

You know what, I was going to figure out a cute way of tip toeing around what I actually ended up taking….but screw it.  Anti diarrhea.  I overdosed on freaking anti diarhrea pills.  Seven a day….for a week.  You want to know what that feels like?  Here’s the cheaper way to find out:  Go outside.  Find some bark.  Eat enough bark to get you 100 grams worth of fiber.  Wait for fun time.